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The Scientific Council of Finance and Economics

Institute of Tajikistan

The Scientific Council of Finance and Economics Institute of Tajikistan was established in 2012, chaired by the rector of the Institute R. M. Mirboboev. Since December 2013 the Chairman of the Scientific Council is the current rector of FEIT Soliev A. A.

The Scientific Council is the highest elected representative agency of the institute. The main task of the Scientific Council of the Institute is general guide of the institute aimed at uniting the efforts of administration, staff, administrative and managerial and teaching staff of the institute in order to prepare highly competitive professionals, coordination of educational, methodological, research, innovation and educational activity of FEIT.

In its activity the Scientific Council of FEIT  is guided by the Law of RT " On Education", the Law of RT "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education" Model Regulations on the educational institution of higher professional education (higher education) of RT and other legal acts regulating the activity of institutions and Charter of the Institute. The Scientific Council of FEIT consists of Rector, who is its chairman, vice-rectors, deans of the faculties, leading teachers and staff of the institute who made a significant contribution to its formation and development.

The Scientific Council works in accordance with the plan for year. The plan is approved by the rector of the institute, after considering by Scientific Council. The heads of the departments (vice-rectors, deans of the faculties, heads of the departments, and heads of other structural departments) are responsible for the organization of the implementation of the work plan and regulations of the Scientific Council. 

The Scientific Council of FEIT considers projects of local regulations, as well as changes in them; controls over compliance activities in FEIT legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Charter of the Institute; resolves issues of educational, teaching and methodical, research and information analysis, training staff, implementation of international relations, including affirming curricula, makes decisions on the educational process, including the periods of training in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards, postpones the beginning of the academic year, according to the order of forming plans for research; listening of  annual reports of the rector and other officials; makes decisions on the presentation to the award of academic degrees of associate professor and professor to the staff of FEIT; conducts competitive selection for the post of scientific and teaching staff; elect heads of departments; makes the decisions on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the departments; determines the direction of scientific research; examines the annual plans of research works of the institute; seeks to confer honorary titles of the Republic of Tajikistan to the teachers of the Institute, representation to government and industry awards and prizes; resolve other issues related to its competence by regulations and Charter of FEIT. The decisions of the Scientific Council on matters within its competence are binding for all employees and students.

The Staff of the Scientific Council of the Finance and Economics Institute of Tajikistan (2013-2014)

Full name



 Soliev A. A.

Rector of FEIT


Ibragimov I. R.

Vice- rector for Academic Affairs


 Eshondzhanova L. A.

Vice-rector on Educational Work


 Safarov B. G.

Vice-rector for International Relations


Nasriddinov F. B.

Head of Educational work


Asrorov U.S.

Dean of  Finance and Credit Faculty  


Ashurov G.M.

Dean of the Financial Economy and Taxation Faculty


 Popov N.A

Dean of  International Economic Relations Faculty


 Sharipov J.R.

Dean of Management & Finance  Faculty


Koshonova M.R.

Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology in economy


 Nasriddinov H.

Chairman of the Joint Committee of  Labour Union of Institute


Huseynov  K.B.

Professor of the Department of Banking


Vohidov V.V.

Professor of the Department of Economics and Management


 Mirzoahmedov F.

Professor of the Department of Mathematical Modeling in Economics


 Kudratov R.

Head of the Department of Economic Analysis


 Dzhumaboev H.

Head of the Department of Taxes and Taxation


 N. Rakhimov

Head of the Department of Customs and Logistics


Ismailov S.M.

Head of the Department of Financial and Economic Law


 Nazarov A.

Chairman of the Union of Youth of Institute


Inomova F. V.

Secretary of the Scientific Council