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International Сooperation

One of the main tasks of the Tajik state university of finance and economics is to develop the strategic partnership with various educational, scientific and cultural institutions of the foreign countries.

During the activity of the university, more than 110 Agreements on mutual cooperation with foreign universities in the field of science and education were signed and implemented.

The university also maintains constant partnerships with representations of international organizations such as the United Nations Development Program, OSCE, Open Society Institute, Foundation Assistance-Tajikistan, UNICEF, Confucius Institute, and others.

Strong ties have been established with the Embassies and missions of foreign countries in Tajikistan.

An important area of the international activity of TSUFE, which has received high-quality and dynamic development in recent years, is international academic mobility.

Every year, the university organizes foreign business trips for more than 40 faculty and administrative staff of the university to international conferences, meetings at the invitation of foreign higher educational institutions and organizations in the CIS countries, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Over the past five years, 80 employees of TSUFE have taken part in international mobility programs and gained new experience in other universities.

One of the priority directions of the international activity of TSUFE is the recruitment of foreign citizens.  

Today, more than 800 foreign citizens study at TSUFE and all the necessary conditions are created for their successful training.

Currently, TSUFE is participating in 6 grant programs funded by international donors. Including, in order to facilitate the effective functioning of the TSUFE, a project is being implemented at the university with the participation of representatives of the European Union.

Following the results of the 2018 competition, TSUFE in partnership with the University of Northampton of Great Britain participates in the educational project Erasmus + (Key Action 1 –KA-107 - Mobility for learners and staff - Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility).

With the support of the Confucius Institute from 2017 free courses for learning the Chinese language are held at TSUFE.

For innovative approach, good management, teaching and the introduction of scientific work, TSUFE was awarded the international awards "Golden Crown" and "BIZZ-2015".