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Regional workshops on PFM awareness with tutors of the TSUFE

On September 26, 2019 a workshop on “PFM awareness with tutors of the Tajik State University of Finance and Economics (TSUFE)” was held at the Principal Financial Department in Khatlon oblast,  Bokhtar City, initiated by ...

Improving the TSUFE quality of education and analysis of the First Self-assessment...

Higher education is an essential component of socio-economic and cultural development, plays a crucial role in economic growth and maintaining social cohesion, as well as global competitiveness. The role of quality assurance is crucial in ...

Summing up the activities of TSFEU

On July 29, 2019, an extended meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Tajik State Finance and Economics University with the participation of staff and lecturers of the university.

Presentation of the Dissertation Council

Over the past few years, the Tajik State Finance and Economics University has achieved tangible results in all areas of its activities. The creation of the Dissertation Council at the University can be considered one of the main scientific ...

The Republican quiz was held at TSFEU

On April 13, 2019 a Republican quiz on topic «Tajikistan – the Initiator of the Solution of Water Problems» was held at the Tajik State Finance and Economic University, which was timed to the International decade of action «Water for ...

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