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New Year's Greetings from the Rector of the Tajik State Finance and Economics University

New Year's Greetings from the Rector of the Tajik State Finance and Economics University


With all my heart, I congratulate you on the upcoming 2019 year. I wish you good health, prosperity and well-being, good luck and inexhaustible energy to each of you!
The past year has turned out to be historic and fateful for our glorious people. Under the leadership of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, our country has achieved great success in all areas of economic activity. In particular, at the initiative of the Republic of Tajikistan, 2018-2028 years were declared the International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development». The International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development» 2018-2028 is the fourth global initiative on water issues of Tajikistan. The beginning of the implementation of the Decade raised the international rating of Tajikistan.
The most important event in 2018 for Tajikistan was the launch in November of the first stage of Rogun, the largest hydropower plant of Tajikistan, which is of tremendous economic importance to our country. The launch of the Rogun hydropower plant, symbolizing the national unity of the people, will give impetus to the realization of our creative goals.
The year 2018 turned out to be interesting and successful for teachers, staff and students of the TSFEU, as it was filled with significant events and activities for our staff. The significant event of the year was the assignment of university status and it became known as the Tajik State Finance and Economics University. This is a great achievement for us. Another significant event of the last year is due to the fact that our university took the fourth place in the ranking of higher educational institutions of the country. This imposes a huge responsibility on the whole staff.
We are proud of our students, who won prizes in various republican competitions and raised the prestige of our university. Successful summing up of the year adds confidence and optimism to our staff. Creative power, creativity, initiative, responsible attitude to duties, the fighting spirit of the staff and students of our university are the main factors in improving the quality of education and the achievement of goals.
I am sure that 2019 will be constructive in the implementation of the plans outlined, while maintaining the old traditions and multiplying the new ones.
May the new year be successful for each of us and bring hope, prosperity and well-being to our homes!

Happy New Year!